Hello everyone,

I brought you a nice list of 5 powerful things you must do before this year ends.

1. Clean out the clutter in your room/house

Many of us quickly tend to become a slighter version of “hoarders” storing unnecessary stuff, labeling them as “I will use it sometime for something.” Instead of using these daily, we just place them on the top of our wardrobe, in the last drawer of the dresser, or in the basement. Most of the time we NEVER use them again.

Well, now the task would be to select all these things, and either throw them away or give them to someone who would actually use them. (Yeah, I know, you are probably saying to yourself, “I could wear this skirt or those pants one day” How many times did you go this year and wore it? Right..? Now, get it packed, you will not need it! I know, you also have that one book which will be good if you decide to reread it. How did you like it for the first time? Not much? Well, do you really think you will ever read it again? I don’t think so..Put it in the giveaway box, right now!) You will have new ones don’t worry, at least you will make some room for them! I know these are the times when you need to really make an effort to let go of stuff that you kept for so long, but it will be much better once you get rid of it.

Believe me; I have experience in getting rid of stuff- I have done it a couple of times 😉

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If you already are in the middle of decluttering, why not continue with your pantry or basement. After tossing all the unused belongings, you will just create space for the new, sending a sign to the Universe to bring something new and better. Well said. (not for more junk, hey!)

Just imagine, how much better your bookshelf will look without all the books you never actually read. You are going to be constantly reminded to buy really cool new ones next year! Yay, the thought only makes me toss more books now! 😀 I love books, I always buy new ones, love reading!

I know you must be exhausted at the end of the year and you would rather do something else than clean your house, but believe me it will be relieving not to carry the junk into 2017. It will be such a refreshment to wake up on 1st of January with a clean and tidy “new” room or home space.

Involve a family member, one of your friends, put on some nice music, if you feel like it, drink a couple of glasses of wine, and the whole thing will be nothing but fun, and you will get done much faster! 😉

Donate the unwanted items to a relative, or buddy, or if no one would wear the ugly sweaters you wear (no offense, just kidding, haha) just take them to a homeless shelter, a charity, or a thrift store.

I recently moved here from Europe, and I donated a HUGE amount of stuff through a Facebook group called “Give away your stuff for free“. I am sure you can find something similar or if you don’t want to worry about it too much have a yard sale.

2. Declutter your mind and close the chapter of 2016 

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In other words, put a closure to everything that doesn’t serve you.

Think about all the things that happened to you this year. Gather all the things you are grateful for and all the milestones you had. Also, think through what didn’t work out well, not to remember the bad but to see what you will need to do differently next year. This list can also be a big help to lay what goals you could set for 2017.

My year was full of really great memories and milestones, let me share some of them with you now:

  1. I spent 2 months in the states (There is a lot of other great moments which I tell you about in this post.)
  2. One of my big dreams came true by swimming with dolphinsdolphin
  3. I got to experience a Floating Tank in Florida (I will also write another post about it)flotation-tank
  4. I visited a Native American Reservation and a Pow-wow Festival for the first time in my life.
  5. I went to Universal Studios in Florida
  6. I got to see Mount Rushmoremount-rushmore
  7. My hair got dyed for the very first time in my life (first to an ombre and to balayage)hair
  8.  I moved to the states on the 28th of November.
  9.  I started studying at the biggest nutrition school of the world, at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
  10.  I published my blog, Candle & Coconut 🙂

If you think, “oh great, I can’t list many great things from this year, my year was crap, not much good happened,” then hold on for a second. 2016 wasn’t only filled with joy for me either and there were some bad times as well of course, but I would rather concentrate on the good ones, and that’s what I would wholeheartedly recommend for you to do as well. Dig deeper, I am sure you can find at least 10 great moments from your year. 

Moving to the US has a lot of advantages and it is a great thing. On the other hand, I needed to leave behind my family, my friends, and unfortunately, I needed to stop basketball as well on my Hungarian team. Not to mention,  it turns out I have heart disease. I just recently started to have symptoms, however, the doctor says I was born with it.

So, I too had my ups and downs this year, but I am trying to focus on the good memories that make me move forward.

3. Set goals for 2017

If you do an overview of your current year, you will definitely know what you would like to achieve or do differently in 2017. There are lots of amazing methods to put your goals together.

I got 3 favorite ones:

  • Vision board

The reason why I like it and make it every year because this version gives a visual shape of your dreams and goals. The brain thinks in images more than in words. Place the board in a certain place of your home where you see it every single day. Thus, it will remind you what you want every time you look at it. Since you give focus and energy to your desires by looking at them, you will attract them day by day. This picture is from www.dreamitalive.com, which is one of the greatest vision board makers you can use. Or you can just make your own one with your own printed images.

  • Dreambook

Just buy a nice blank notebook, print out pictures with your goals, and write them down with putting your images in it. This option is more effective since writing down your goals will give you a clear vision of what you want, how you want it, and by when do you want it exactly. Make sure to write everything in present tense, and the more detailed you make it, the more you can track yourself and the more you will know what to do to reach them.

  • Inspirational planner/calendar

This calendar can help you close the actual year properly and it will give you a great base on what kind of things you want in all the areas of your life. I wanted to make a cool planner for 2017 but I didn’t get to it yet. You can find a lot of cool ones on Pinterest though.

4. Settle your arguments with everyone

They say, don’t go to bed being angry with your loved ones at the end of the day. Well, it is kinda the same, except it applies to the end of the year. Around this time everyone is more sentimental, thanks to the holidays. So, it is easier to make peace with each other. Don’t carry the hard feelings into next year. Take the initiative and solve your unsolved issues and businesses. 😉

5. Do a good deed for someone

Let it be a stranger or a friend, do something good for somebody. You still have more than a day left. 😉

Don’t expect anything in return, just do it out of the kindness of your heart. It is a wonderful feeling to give, especially to close your year by giving. In case you wonder what could you do, let me give you a few examples:

  • Give some money or food to a homeless person
  • Send a kind message to an old friend
  • Leave a nice little note on someone’s car
  • Help an elderly through the crosswalk
  • Tell one of your relatives how much you love her/him

Well, we got to the end of my list, I hope you will make time to go through them before the year ends.

Just before I would wave goodbye, I would like to share my favorite 5 songs from this year, the ones that made my year. 

  1. Justin Timberlake- Can’t stop this feeling: This song is the ultimate happiness song for me, which cheers me up anytime and I can start dancing to it and singing it anywhere, anytime. 😀
(Source: giphy.com)

2. Jonas Blue- Perfect Stranger

This song absolutely gives me the feeling of freedom. The sensation of a warm summer breeze, the summer parties, the Rose drinking nights out. Since I spent most of my summer in the states with Keith, it brings me right back to Florida. The theme parks we visited, the car rides in the sunshine, the good restaurants and the cool moments we spent at the swimming pool by our Airbnb summer home.

4. Katy Perry-Rise

This song was the official soundtrack for the Summer Olympic Games this year. Anytime I hear it, it kind of wakes my “inner ancient” powers up. It is so motivating and inspiring, makes me feel like I can do anything. If I watch the Olympic Games version of the video clip, it even gives me chills and teary eyes. It is soo powerful. (maybe it is because I have a basketball past, but it probably moves everyone) My favorite parts of the song are:

-I won’t just survive, oh you will see me thrive, can’t write my story, I am beyond the archetype

-Oh you have so little faith, don’t doubt it, don’t  doubt it, victory is in your veins, you know it, you know it, and you will not negotiate, just fight it, just fight it, you will transform

These parts really are inspiring, no wonder why they chose it as the official song of the Olympic Games.

4. Chainsmokers- Don’t let me down

This song is also close to my heart this year. The picture of me singing this in the car like crazy comes to my mind when we are on the road with Keith. 😀 Since it has over 163 million views, this song is probably loved by a lot of people.

  1. Sia-Cheap Trills

This woman is simply just crazy talented. Her every song is just soooo perfect. I love her artistic side, her videos, her happier, and her deeper songs as well. She is just amazing! My favorite song by her is the Chandelier, which I could karaoke sing no matter where I am at (hahaha probably the people around me are not too happy about it.)

Write a comment below, what is your ultimate list before the New Year and your favorite songs for the year!

Either you are spending New year’s Eve partying or at home chilling, I wish HAPPINESS FOR your last day of the year and I wish you an amazing NEW year, all the best, and I hope you spend it in the way you desire! 




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