The quote “everything happens for a reason” has so powerful presence in my life that it has become my motto.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason.
The life has shown it to me already too many times not to believe in it. If there is something you really wanted you but didn’t get it, it happened for a reason. It always does. Maybe you were never meant to have or experience that. Maybe what you thought needs to happen doesn’t serve you, or you are just not ready for it and there are other lessons you need to learn first.

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I strongly BELIEVE that there is a “timer” in your life for everything. If you are ready for the next level, you will get it. 

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I know it is hard to think or act according to this when you are in a particular situation that would give you reasons rather be angry or disappointed.  I know it is not easy to immediately switch to a ZEN mode and just remember that it was meant to be this way. But it still worths to try.

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Most of the time you figure it out later why things happened the way they did, and it becomes 100 % clear for you, so you can put the big picture together. (if not you just simply need to accept that something else was written for you in that moment, in that place) 

You don’t have to call it God, you can call it the universe, or destiny, but I am sure that “it” has our back and everything will turn out the way it was meant to be for you. In the end, you will probably be grateful for how it happened instead of how you wanted it.

I had a lot of situations like this in my life.  Let me tell you one of them.

I got a new job opportunity which didn’t seem that stable. I didn’t know all of the details of what I would actually be doing, but I liked it, and it was a better opportunity than my previous job.
I decided to take the position and quit the job I had been at for 3 years.
Two months later, the new boss called me in for a meeting and told me that unfortunately, things are not going well at the company, so he needs to let me go. It was before Christmas, so you can imagine how it made me feel…
I was so disappointed and angry at the same time. I was so pissed off at my boss. IT IS NOT FAIR! How could he do that to me? To let me go right before Christmas? I gave up my stable job for his company… I felt devastated for 2 months. I kept asking myself the whys: why now? Or why me? Why this way?

I just didn’t understand that the Universe was trying to show me a different direction.

I kept looking for a job and kept going to interviews when the miracle happened.  I got employed by a company which offered me really fair conditions, a much bigger salary than I ever got, a really nice work environment, with nice co-workers!!

So then the moment hit me.

Tears started to fall down on my cheek, and I realized:
THIS IS THE REASON I didn’t need to stay at the previous job any longer! This is the reason that I got fired! I was SO grateful to the Universe/God!

But the story didn’t stop here, something else happened, that gave an even profound meaning of this happening.:

 I met a boy at the company, who happens to be Keith, and I am now deeply in love with for more than 1, 5 years! It gave me double proof that it occurred in a way how it was supposed to happen for me!

baby and me

So, guys, you can never know what is the exact reason of things, so don’t get desperate if you feel that something doesn’t go well, be patient, keep your heads up and have trust in a better outcome.

Everything happens for a reason!

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