Hey there,

My name is Judit Mozsolics, and I am a sweets lover and holistic lifestyle blogger.                                Kép 50

I intend to write for everyone, who wants to reach a better and happier everyday life even with small actions. One of my persistent goals in life is to be in harmony with myself; with the mind, body and spirit as well.  I would love to help others along the same journey.

Candle  & Coconut is for those who want to take control of their lives, starting with the appropriate nutrition and nurturing the soul and body with a holistic approach. 

Candle represents the connection between the spirit and soul.

Coconut represents health and nutrition.

As a passionate holistic health coach enthusiast, I know that there is a lot of conflicting information everywhere. So I decided to gain the knowledge and understand everything to make the best choices for myself and give help to others as well. At the moment I am a student of IIN, one of the best and biggest schools in the world, where I am learning about all the different approaches to diets, cravings, everything about the connection between food and the body, and most importantly how we can live our lives fully in a holistic way.

 What I also aim for is to thrive in life and not just survive.  I read a powerful affirmation once, and it had a significant impact on me.

“We are here to live and not to survive.”

 What do I want to give to my readers?

Well, if you can relate to one single thing I write about, I am already happier. 😉

I hope that I can inspire or support you by reading my adventures, healing, recipes, meditations, or really anything from my site. I believe that there is no coincidence when two people find each other because we are all connected in some way, so if you found me I hope I can have at least a little impact on your life, or you can be on mine.

I recently moved to the US, since last year my life has completely changed; because I met my American boy, my soulmate, so my adventures started to thrive in the US too. ♥

How did it all start for me?

For me, the urge to write a blog started about two years ago, but it took me some time until I felt motivated enough to dig into it deeper.

I was wondering which is my path for years, and what I do I really want in life. I always knew that I loved helping and being useful for my environment. (No wonder why I worked as an assistant for years). I have played basketball for 14 years at a professional level. I still love the game, I love being part of a team, I love to win, and go for a common goal with my teammates, but I could never really imagine it to have as the only thing in my life as for my career, though.


The self-development, spirituality and the mysteries of the human spirit started to appeal to me about eight years ago, thanks to my sister. I immediately felt that this is the area that will make me interested because of its diversity and its continuous learning opportunity. I started to read numerous books, went on different courses, and started to go to a parapsychological therapist who thought me a lot as well.

Then life slapped me in the face, which pushed me more towards being more conscious in my life:

About two years ago it turned out that there is a benign enlargement on the right side of my thyroid. Because of its size, the doctors recommended to remove it.  I said, no way! There must be another way to make it disappear and heal! Thankfully it doesn’t cause me any hormone imbalance,  and it is not as big as you would notice it right away. It only bothers me with breathing or swallowing rarely, but not significantly. I also started to have symptoms referring to lactose and gluten intolerance, so I needed a complex change my life.

 Since then, I started to work on finding out the psychological reason and the spiritual roots of these issues in my life. I have also been studying and trying out different alternative and healing solutions, which I am writing about as well.

In order to keep your body healthy and in harmony with the soul, you need to attend to proper nutrition and to nourish your spirit at the same time.

One of my big gurus who I am following,  Kris Carr, lives with cancer and still living a happy and healthy life by paying attention to these elements, but she is just one among many.

My other passionate thing is the sweets. (Oh, those amazing sweets:))

 Ever since I can remember I love chocolate, cakes, cookies, and all their buddies. You can imagine me best as being the little girl sitting with her hand in the Nutella jar. 😉

So my other project has been to make healthy desserts, which are guilt free, pain-free, but still give that mouth orgasm OMG feeling. Amongst all the cakes, one of all kinds I started to make in a healthy way are CUPCAKES, and I aim to make them available for everyone.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, everyone deserves happiness, and you are responsible for your life. I believe in a higher power and I believe that everything happens in our lives for our sake.

I also believe:

In miracles. In mother nature. In the sun behind the cloudy sky. In the constant learning in life. In the power of smile and help to each other. In the small things, you can be happy about.

Well, that’s about me for now, I hope to hear from you, and I hope you join me on my journey.