Good morning dear soul,

In this post, I will tell you how a long weekend made me found one of my spiritual gurus.

I start with deep thought, so we can jump in what I would like to share with you today.

The most important things in life are definitely not possible to buy with money.

I know, it is not a problem if you have enough money though ;).

On the contrary, to buy everything which provides you the lifestyle you want to live is easier with some money, but the moments and the experiences life can give you cannot be purchased in stores.

The moments and experiences you gain with your family, friends, co-workers can’t be bought for some cash. The first step of your child, the first kiss with your love, the job promotion, the holidays you spend with your beloved ones, they are all important parts of our lives, which you couldn’t get otherwise. That is my big “AHA” quote for today.

What made me realize that? That grateful feeling I had, when I was sipping my coffee in the morning, just staring out at the window, and having a relaxed smile on my face knowing, that I don’t have to run to work, I can just stay at home with my boyfriend and do whatever I feel like for 3 long days.

Since we have a national holiday in Hungary, we got the Friday off also with our weekend. I could hardly wait for these 3 days as I already made a lot of plans; to make some me, myself, and I time (reading, meditating, sleeping in, having a relaxing bath) to spend some time with my boyfriend (quality time finally). And not to forget about that I had a couple of

  • to make some me, myself, and I time (reading, meditating, sleeping in, having a relaxing bath)
  • to spend some time with my boyfriend (quality time finally).
  • and not to forget about that I had a couple of recipes in my mind that I was planning to make for a while, but I either didn’t have the time or just simply didn’t have the energy for it. (or I just made nice excuses…haha)

But on these three days, oh yeah! I knew I am going to rock! 🙂

I started with a great paleo banana muffin, which was my very first muffin from paleo ingredients that worked perfectly, didn’t fall to pieces, and as for the taste, it was delicious too. (woohoo)
This was the very first time that I used chestnut flour instead of coconut flour, so that might be the reason they came out so smooth and yummy (the paleo desserts are mostly recommended to be made from either almond or chestnut flour anyway). It was not hard to make, and my love ate it all, so it was a good feedback for me, that’s for sure. 🙂 (if you wanna get the recipe, leave a comment and I will write it down for you;))

We had a really romantic evening after having some healthy sweetness time with the muffins. We watched the movie Notebook together and had a pretty emotional moment in the end, which made our night. (If you haven’t seen the movie, make sure to plan it for a romantic evening, it is one of the bests ever!) The story is about a couple who find true love, with a deeeep and true connection. They have a real, real super strong love. The type of love, everyone dreams about.

I remember a couple of years ago I was watching this movie for the very first time. I was in a relationship at the time that had a lot of ups and downs, and I was going through a tough time back then. I became so emotional watching the movie, and I burst out in tears like crazy, feeling so sad that I did not have this type of love, and I was so doubtful whether I will ever experience it.

And here we go, a couple of years later (after another 2 relationships, some crappy heartbreaking stories and time being spent single) I am finally in a relationship, where I am as lucky as feeling the same deep and passionate love they have in the movie. I feel so grateful and lucky that I found someone who I can share such a deep connection with.

So the second day of our lovely weekend has just arrived, and after buying my very first cake baking pan, I was so ready to make a Nutella cheesecake. (Unfortunately, not gluten and sugar-free version, on the contrary, you literally need to put half jar of Nutella (Holy S*it), plus additional sugar in it, so it is rather a sugar overdose, basically:D)

It was really easy and quick to make it, (not cheap though because of the expensive ingredients, haha) and now it is resting in the fridge. It’s supposed to be in the freezer, and it could be eaten after 2 hours, but for now I just left it in the fridge. Hopefully, it will nicely stick together by tomorrow.
But not to finish my food-porn day yet, I also made a super yummy pumpkin soup, which was as enjoyable that my Boo actually ate three portions of it right away. For dinner, we made spaghetti bolognese (love cooking with him btw:)), which came out so yummy as well we got full by the end of the night (it was made from gluten-free pasta yay, well done, score on eating healthy again!)

Actually to spend the half of the day in the kitchen was a bit tiring, but refreshing at the same time. It was relaxing just to take my mind off everything and cook\bake some nice food after a long period of not spending any time in the kitchen. (it’s a shame, I know)
We had a gorgeous day, all in all, having some rest, and I could do some research about spiritual stuff I am interested in, so the day went on nicely. I still have two things to make tomorrow;

1. A paleo bread
2. Coconut balls (I am going to make a not paleo version this time)

Another memorable thing just happened to me today.

I was researching and reading blogs on the internet, and I have just found my new favorite role model and guru called, Gabriella Bernstein!! She is a motivational speaker, New-York Times Best-Seller Author, and life-coach. I just literally love everything she does! 

I heard of her before, because of her book “May Cause Miracles,” but I didn’t really pay attention to her. My sister told me she likes the book, but it is too practical that she stopped reading it, thus it did not excite me that much either. (we have a different taste in many things, so it is not surprising that we do not have the same taste in books either, because when I later checked the book out myself, OMG I just couldn’t put it down, it is amazing!)

Well, I just found an amazing performance of hers I:

In this one she talks about her life, she tells how she found her path from getting drunk on the weekends, to revealing her purpose and mission through teaching and coaching people.
At the end of the video, she makes the attendees meditate with a powerful mantra for joy. That part of her speech made it, even more, a WOW moment for me! It is so relaxing and energetic at the same time, it truly takes you to another world.

It had as huge impact on me, as I started to research her work all afternoon and got super crazy about everything she does. Her work is just simply amazing and so inspirational. I have just become a fan of hers today. She has super good courses; you can check them out here:

Even more, you can subscribe to her monthly letter here:

It is highly recommended to check her things out!

I think I am getting closer to find my mission in life too, so I am so grateful for this day!

See you next time!:)


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