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I decided to share the story with you about my thyroid disease and the alternative healing solutions I found because I know that many people suffer from the same condition. I really hope that I can give you strength or inspire you, in many ways.:) 

 August 2014, I found out that my right thyroid gland is enlarged (it has a nodule/goiter with a cyst in it, to be accurate, as it turned out later)

My exboyfriend’s stepmother noticed a lump on my neck and since she had the same condition, she came to the realization that I must have the same thing.

I went to a hospital, got it checked out, and unfortunately the results I received was exactly she predicted and it didn’t make me too happy.

It was diagnosed with a 4 cm (2 inches) nodule on the right gland of my thyroid with a cyst inside.

The hospital ran some blood tests to check my hormone levels to see if my thyroid was functioning correctly. Thank God it came back just fine, my hormone levels are normal and within the optimal levels. Meaning, my thyroid is not underactive or overactive. (Phew..I felt relieved that my hormone production is correct.)

To be honest, at first I was really shocked when the ultrasound showed me the enlargement, and that this was happening to me. I felt like I was in a really bad nightmare. Laying on the examination table, while the doctor kept telling me there is a lump on my thyroid gland, I can tell you it was not the best feeling.

I had no idea how to react or how to keep calm in this situation. Nothing similar has happened to me before, I was always healthy and since I played basketball for 10 years, I never had a problem with exercise either. I thought nothing could happen to me. (hahaha yes, if only those two things were needed, probably every second person would be healthy in the world)

I just didn’t understand why this was happening to me.

I have already read lots of spiritual books and always I meditated and tried to hold a positive and optimistic outlook on life. At that moment, I felt so desperate and miserable that spirituality and the mental explanations as to why I was sick, was the last thing I was thinking of.


Why me? 

I went to see an endocrinologist, who is a thyroid specialist, to check me out, because I still needed to have a cyst biopsy to see if it was malignant or benign (since as I mentioned, I had a cystic goiter).

Okay, I am not saying I was not scared as sh*t to see the results…I tried to keep calm and kept telling myself that everything’s gonna be all right. They stuck a big needle into my neck and checked the little bastard in the goiter.


The results came back in a week, it turned out to be benign. (I FELT SO GRATEFUL! Phew, at least I don’t have cancer! Celebration time, come on!!)

So there I was standing in the hospital in my hands there was the paperwork with my newly discovered condition:

An approximately a 4 cm large cystic goiter on the right thyroid gland. Benign. Hormone levels are fine. Surgery recommended.

Before I left the hospital, the doctor gave me his few words of his wisdom based on his experience I was going to need surgery, and it was my choice to have it now or later. Nonetheless, the sooner I would have surgery, the fewer complications I would encounter.

 If I don’t choose surgery, I will need to come back in every 6 months for a check-up.

He informed me that many people go through this kind of surgery and it is not considered a complicated one. Since they can’t really save the gland itself (it would be risky and difficult to cut off the goiter only), I would have to have a thyroidectomy. (They wouldn’t touch the healthy left gland.)

In general, if the lump is bigger than 3 cm (1, 18 inches), the doctors suggest surgery since they claim, it can turn malignant (not with big % ratio, though) and there is a possibility that it would grow, which could cause difficulties with breathing or swallowing. (I am really against conventional medicine, hospitals, doctors, so I wasn’t truly happy with this answer)

He also mentioned that even though it is a small surgery, like all surgeries, it also has a few risks. (Yeah, right?! Don’t even wanna hear the rest! I already wanted to escape from the doctor’s office by then.)  The risks include vocal cords damage and a possibility I would need hormone medication to balance my hormone function. As a matter of fact, I might need to take the pills till the rest of my life for hormone replacement. (GREAT, I thought to myself. Obviously, since one of my hormone-producing organs would be cut out, it would mess up my body. I might have vocal cords damage, and take medication till the rest of my life? Noo, noo, NOO, I am outta here!)

I told him I would call him with my decision and I left. I called my mother and my sister sobbing because I felt so helpless and scared. I wish there was another way of taking care of this other than surgery! Well, the only thing my family could say was, keep the faith, you will find a solution, and that everything’s gonna be all right.

Once I calmed down and I had no more tears left to cry, I finally started thinking about what I should do.

At first, I called a naturopath, whose number I got from my sister. The reason this lady might be able to help me because she dealt with similar problems. She recommended that I eat in according to the paleo diet, take some supplements, and she assured me that my condition would change for the better.

She also gave me the phone number of a reflexologist, who might be able to help me too. It was hard to hear, and the paleo diet was new and strange to me. I always ate what I wanted, when I wanted, how much I wanted, including lots of cakes and chocolate, haha. Frankly, I was never really concerned about my eating habits.

Now, it was the time to change that.

Image: ThumbPress

As a sweet tooth person, (yes, imagine me, as someone who could eat a huge Nutella jar or a whole chocolate bar in no time) it was hard for me to even think about not eating whatever I felt like, but according to some weird paleo diet..

I knew I didn’t want the surgery, so I was willing to give it a try. The paleo diet couldn’t be worse than my thyroid problem.

At first, I researched a lot about this type of eating, tried to gather all the information what is allowed and what is not advised to consume. I started to buy different kind of flour (gluten-free of course), milk (dairy-free) and sugar substitutes.

You can find a lot of contradictory things on the internet, so I wasn’t always sure which one to believe, what to eat or what not to eat.

For example, the big sugar question. So, the refined white sugar is the bad guy they say, I pretty much understood that from the beginning. So what do I replace it with? I read many options, for example, honey. I read it has a high glycemic index, so it is not the best because it will still raise your blood sugar. Then I went on to reading about xylitol (it is a lower calorie sugar alcohol, but with higher glycemic index than erythritol, because that is 0 though).

I found a great and very informative article about sugars that explains them pretty clearly. You can check it here.

Then I started to use different kind of flours, that are not wheat flours (since gluten is not our friend either, right?!) I began to experiment with baking different kind of bread and other kinds of desserts. They were way less tasty and they had different textures than the regular ones. I had a rough start to begin with, and lots of things I baked ended up in the trash. I needed to experiment which seed flour to use for what recipe. For example, I figured out that coconut flour makes the cakes crumbly, while chestnut flour is a lot better option because it makes them soft.


The first two paleo bread I made, haha

Now, you can see what I am talking about. It looked and tasted very different than regular bread. I could kind of kill someone with these, they were not only as hard as a rock but tasteless and horrible. 😀

Meanwhile, I started to see the sole reflexologist the naturopath lady recommended earlier. (Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all the glands, organs, and various parts of the body.) She started to help me stimulate my thyroid and stimulate my whole body through my feet. I began to see her weekly.

Then I tried not to worry much about my thyroid and just live life. I was trying to stick to the paleo lifestyle as much as I could, though. Thankfully, I didn’t really have any symptoms and the enlargement was not as visible. Unless someone was looking, the lump was not that noticeable.

6 months passed and I needed to go for my next check-up. The doctor checked my papers to figure out who I was and just smiled at me saying:

“I already told you, you should make an appointment to have surgery since there is nothing else I can do.”
Grrrrr, I got super pissed. He didn’t even want to examine me or take my blood for a test, neither did he send me for another ultrasound or anything… All he could say is go and schedule the surgery…


Sadly that’s what you can expect from a doctor who works in the public health care system. Unfortunately, Hungary has a horrible one, doctors work a lot, they don’t get paid well. The doctor doesn’t really care, he just wants the surgery and then his work is done after that.

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Looking for spiritual reasons

As I mentioned above, I already read a lot of books and learned a lot of things about spirituality. I also learned how the mind and body are connected and how they affect each other and that the source of an illness could be mental. Unfortunately, in Hungary, natural healing therapies are not that widespread or I just didn’t have the proper sources.

I was trying to look for answers about how this goiter got there. What can I do to get rid of it? I wanted my answers sooo bad.

The first thing I started to research about is the throat chakra since the thyroid is in that area. Have you ever heard of the chakras? They are energy centers, “wheels” in the body along the spine, and are connected with the organs, the physical and the spiritual body. If they get closed or to an imbalance, physical symptoms may appear. So I knew I needed to find all the possible reasons that went wrong in connection to this chakra, leading to this serious problem.

I found a pretty engaging site with a great woman called Carol Tuttle, master energy therapist.

She gives a super summary, healing techniques about this chakra, here.

The chakras of the body (Image: Photobucket)


I also started to look for other possible mental and spiritual reasons of the symptom itself.

One of the sites I found with great explanations here.

I also found that basically, the problem could be also caused by a trauma, that happened to me when I was younger, that I couldn’t process. I didn’t have my happiest childhood for sure and I also realized that lots of things that I was doing to myself, especially in the last couple years.

It is no doubt connected with communication and self-expression.

I never really dared to stand up for myself, to speak my truth, and to say out loud what I truly meant. I always wanted to meet other’s expectations without worrying about what I want. I always “swallowed my thoughts” instead of claiming if I disagree with something or I would want something different.

I love Lousie L. Hay, she is 90 years old (although she looks 60) cancer survivor, who healed herself naturally. She is a best-selling author, wrote many books about healing yourself, about the relationship with yourself and about self-love. She has amazing meditations and affirmations, you can check it out here and here too.

She claims the following about the throat:

The throat represents our ability to “speak up” for ourselves, to “ask for what we want,” to say “I am,” etc. When we have throat problems, it usually means we do not feel we have the right to do these things. We feel inadequate to stand up for ourselves.

Affirm: It’s ok to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity. I am willing to change.” 

So here we go.. I needed to realize that not expressing how I truly feel, holding back my opinion, acting as a victim, and putting everyone else first but myself, can lead to serious physical illnesses such as a thyroid disorder.

Since I firmly believe that the mind and body and the spirit are all connected, I also believe that the reason for my sickness could be coming from within. I have a profound indicator from my body, that I’ve been doing it wrong in the past.

I am not saying that this is the only reason and cure, I am sure it is more complex than that, however, I am sure it’s all connected.

I will keep posting about my story as more exciting things happened since I wrote this first post. You can follow if you want, subscribe to my newsletter and you will get my next episode right in your mailbox. I hope I serve you with this in some way. Thank you for reading this story of mine, means a lot!

Do you also have thyroid disorders? How do you heal them?
Have a nice day,


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