Do you wanna know why I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world right now?

 First off, I have a million things to be grateful for. (You can find a great technique by the way in one of my posts soon, how to practice gratitude every day and make your life much better with it, even being thankful for simple things.)
But particularly today, I got overwhelmed with the happy and grateful feelings of my summer. My adorable boyfriend, who is the sweetest in the whole world, brought me to his land to the USA, to spend the summer here. I will share our adventure in Six Flags of Georgia particularly. 🙂
We arrived on 16th June from Budapest, Hungary. (that’s where I am from if you haven’t read my other stories yet)
I spent almost a month here at last Christmas, but here is more to come now. 🙂 He always makes sure that I love the time I spend here (he has big hopes that I am going to stay here eventually, “wink-wink“, he is on his best way towards this:)
It is such an amazing feeling to have the possibility to travel in the world and discover different places. It makes you realize that sometimes a trip gives you much more than an object could what you bought for money.
Adventures at Six Flags Georgia
As an American, you probably know, that this is a super-cool theme park, with really crazy rides. You can easily spend your whole day here with getting a high amount of adrenalin rush. Keith is a huge fan of roller coasters, so he already knew what he is going for. Me? I haven’t tried many of them yet, so I wasn’t as sure if I would like it or not, but I am always open having some fun.

So let’s see what crazy rides this park has for us! Will I be a brave woman and I will be up for riding each and every one of them, or I am gonna be chicken out and rather just hang around at the kid’s rides, baby?! We will find it out very soon. 😉

If you wanna check out more about the coasters, I am attaching the links from the website to the names, so just click on them for further videos and pictures!


As a conclusion just to prepare you, who haven’t happened to experience one of the Six Flags Parks:

If you wanna get challenged, overcome your fears, just go to a park like this! With all the thrill rides, and standing in line for 60 mins for example only to free fall from 90 degrees, oh let me tell you, the last thing you will think about is what you are going to eat for dinner, or what else you need to do at work on Monday! You certainly gonna get that accomplishing feeling that you did it and didn’t run away at the last moment!:D (that’s what I would have done in the first place, after seeing the coasters, but then I gathered some courage and got over it:D) So would I recommend it? HELL YES!

This roller coaster park was my first huge one in my life, especially in the states. Even though it was super scary and my adrenalin level was in the sky all day, I had a lot a lot and a lot of fun.
Georgia Cyclon
Luckily, I didn’t judge after the first ride. Otherwise, we would have left the park quickly. We chose the Georgia Cyclon, an old (26 years old) wooden coaster to try first. Nope..this one is a big NO. It REALLYsucks. Not because it is scary, but because I kinda had the feeling that I am about to get a concussion on it since the coaster shook my brain out, literally.
The instructions say, you need to you keep your head tight to the back of the seat, but doing this will give you the result of feeling as your head was in a washing machine when it does the spin cycle at the end… I had a massive headache after this ride, and my hair looked like I haven’t seen a comb in a month. So never this one again!
Splashwater Falls
 We decided to go on less crazy ones after this “trauma,” so we got in line for Splashwater Falls.
It is a big boat ride, where you travel on water for a while, and at the end, you fly into the water with a huge splash as it has a massive drop. The splashes are as high, as even if you watch the ride from a bridge above, you will get some of them..:D
We loved this one, although we got completely soaked from head to toe, luckily it was sooo hot outside that it felt good to get some cold water on us. 🙂

You might not see, but I am soaked by water 😀 
Superman Ride

We were in line for a while at this one; it only sucks because by the time you get to the ride you just want to get over it because you are as scared..:)

We finally got on the ride after about 15 minutes waiting, and guess what! It GOT STUCK right after our round started!!! A huge ride that basically makes you hang upside down gets stuck, how is it even possible?!! ( I just never wanted to believe that it can actually happen..well, it did.)

( Source:
The maintenance guy said he doesn’t know how long it’s gonna take to fix it. WHAA?! At least we were lucky enough to get stuck at the beginning of the ride close to the surface, and not on the top. Phew…
Let me show you a video, so you will know what I am talking about. At 00:45, that’s the spot where stopped.

We were hanging there for about 15 minutes, while I was close to having a panic attack, to be honest…But my cute boyfriend, Keith made me stay calm somehow, I gave a hard time to him for sure. I just wanted to get out SOO bad!! There was no way to get out, though, since they wouldn’t have released us, only at the end of the ride.
Finally, when the issue got fixed, we were good to go. You can imagine how bad I didn’t want to ride on this crap. I was happy eventually. It turned out to be SOOO SOO COOL!! Even though I got scared and freaked out at the beginning because of the stuck issue, I enjoyed the ride a lot; this has become my FAVOURITE one! It literally felt like you are flying like Superman and this one is absolutely not a nauseous ride. It is a 115 foot high, 3 minutes long, 60 mph fast, adrenaline rush one!
 Batman Ride
 It is a bit similar to Superman one, but you are not in a laying position. although you have more upside down loops on this one. It is a fast and cool ride too! Even included the parts where I couldn’t keep my eyes open because we were going that fast and upside down. 😀
To get some rest between the scary coasters, we needed to try some chill ones.
Chill ones
The chill but high Sky Buckets, the Dahlonega Mine Train (this one was kind of light fun with some unexpected drops) the Monster Mansion (this one is not a scary, but instead an old authentic one, that might be a bit spookier for children.)
At least but not last, of course, the Carousel. The Little Sweet Carousel.
In Hungary, we have different kinds of kiddie rides, but for some reason, I never rode any Carousels before, so this was my big chance. 🙂  I chose a cute horsey. (You might think I am a big child, but I am okay with it, life is more fun acting like a kid sometimes anyway:))

After having something to eat, drink and some rest, we were ready for the next thrill ride.

Our next victim was the Mindbender! (I would have named it as MindbLender, since it kinda blended my brain out with those crazy loops, and killer 45 degree turns!) I definitely learned how to exhale or scream on a ride like this! The exhaling technique helped me through on the rest of the rides. 😉 No wonder, why everyone screams, it makes you feel better on the coasters and prevents you being nauseated too! (You gotta work on a technique, so here came mine!)
For the last amazing thrill one we chose the SUPER SCARY DAREDEVIL.
I needed to quote to make sure you read how evil but breathtaking (in both good and bad ways) was this one:
“You are taken up a 95-foot tall lift hill—but it isn’t really a hill because this lift is straight up. In fact, most folks would call that a tower. Then you round the top of the spike and free fall straight down, curling back under the lift for a drop that is actually more than 90 degrees.
You’re just getting started on a full-bodied adventure around the rails. Next, you’ll soar into an inverting twist which delivers you to a monstrous dive loop, which you’ll take as a pro. You’re really earning that title of the daredevil on this smooth-riding snake of a course that serves a series of high banking turns and twists, for a mind-warping total of three inversions.”
Yes, you read it well!
A 90-degree drop is what you can see on my pic!!! We were basically nose-diving! But the worst part was that we stood in line in the boiling sun, for more than an hour to get on. Ehh.. You could get a VR headset but to get those would take forever..The line was EVEEN bigger to get that, and we waited for long enough anyway, so we rode without those. It was fun without it too, You basically only needed to get over the big fall, after it was a pretty enjoyable one!
That’s how our nice adventure ended at the park, we had a superb time and got extremely tired by the end. Some more rides were waiting for us, but we felt accomplished and exhausted enough for that day, so we left. 🙂
2. Movie Tavern
Another fun thing we did, we went to Movie Tavern to watch Central Intelligence.
It was an entirely new thing for me, not only to enjoy the usual nachos and soda/water but to eat a whole dinner while you are enjoying your movie?! Hell, yeah! Such an excellent idea, the only thing I am sad about that it wasn’t me who invented it! (I feel like this way with a couple of things, here in the States, but never mind :D)
The movie…OH GOD! We laughed our asses off, it is a hilarious one with the mega funny Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The extra funny thing about the movie that you don’t actually know what’s exactly going on until the end. A must watch for everyone who wants to work one’s abs! Haha:)
In Hungary, the movies are pretty simple. I mean we have 3D and 4D, IMAX, we also have VIP.  At the VIP you can go to the buffet and eat whatever 30 minutes before the movie starts, but then you can’t come out to refill anymore, and we have no service and waiters during the movies either, unfortunately.
These were really amazing experiences for me, but in the next post, you can follow our summer story with more exciting moments! Stay tuned if you wanna hear about some Native American adventures, Chicago 4th of July fireworks, some San Diego time and even a month in Florida!
Have a beautiful day,

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