This blog post is a little bit more personal. (What can I do, I love cupcake!!!)

It is also gonna be useful because I will share a little sneak peek how I beat my cravings. Or how I let them get me, haha.

Cupcakes, oh, sweet cupcakes

So my big things are sweets in all kind (almost, I am not a big candy fan, more like chocolate, cakes, CUPCAKES, yes!) Oh, those cupcakes, I could eat them anytime!

Most of the time, I make my desserts from healthy ingredients. But with the cupcakes,  I just couldn’t get the “OMG I am in heaven” feeling so far! (only with the real, not that healthy ones) I found a store in Florida, where they make healthy ones. They have a few stores and they also deliver. Check it out here! That was kinda like my safe haven for sure!

Although, I am not gonna give up on making them in a healthy way for myself until I can at least get closer to the taste of the regular ones!

Can you relate to the feeling, when you pass a cupcake store, and you glimpse those nice, tasty, mouthwatering “heaven bites”? (that’s how I call them, haha!? They make you drool and look like a little puppy who begs for some treats, right? (or is it just me? :D) Okay, it doesn’t have to be a cupcake, it can be your fav donut or candy! Come on, I am sure you know what I’m talking about! 😉


Anyways, so it was last week when I had this huge and intense craving for cupcakes for like 3 days!

It is funny because I saw an ad the other day, that they look for store assistants in the cupcake store! I was like, woow, it would be a great really bad idea for me, because I would eat the cupcakes instead of selling them, haha! 😀

I knew I needed to do some groceries and the grocery store happens to be super close to the local cupcake store.  I was like, you know what?

My lifestyle is healthy in general. I eat really healthy and clean in 80-90 %  so I can afford some cheating sometimes.

 So I decided to buy some, and get over with it.

Wow, they had an amazing and appealing selection, I could hardly choose! I wish I could try all, haha! First of all, that would not be only a little cheating. Second of all, my tummy would much likely say, it is enough already if you don’t want to see those cupcakes in the toilet next. 😀

After 10 minutes of debating, I chose 4 lovely, yummy beauties! ! 4, so my boyfriend can have some too. 😛


So I tried all 4 of them, but all together I ate 2!

Do I feel guilty? No! Not at all! 

As I already mentioned I only cheat once every other week, or max 3-4 times a month. Other than that, I eat home-cooked meals, whole foods, fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and most importantly unprocessed food!I also knew that after cheating I will go back straight to my clean eating, thus my tummy can easily forget about the “bad, but unbelievably delicious” stuff.


I exercise regularly, I drink a lot of water, and last, but not least I take my vitamin supplements every day.

And you know what? At the school, 

where I am studying right now, becoming a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, we also learned about cravings. It might be surprising or not, but what we were taught is:


 If the cravings are constantly there for one particular food, just go for it! Enjoy, and the get back to your healthy eating!


Why is it okay to cheat a little bit sometimes?

I can’t emphasize the word SOMETIMES enough! Before you would get super enthusiastic about eating sweets every day, don’t forget that! 😉

As a matter of fact, if you stick to a really clean and healthy eating in general, it can become extremely challenging and frustrating after a while! It requires extra willpower, constant attention about what you eat and how you eat it, especially if you eat out a lot. So, to do it 100% right, for a  long time, without cheating at least once in a while, is almost impossible!

I heard it from many experts, that eliminating certain foods from our diet for a very long time is not necessarily beneficial for our body (unless you have a serious allergy or sensitivity to it.) The simple explanation is that if we add it back to our diet, or even just eat it suddenly, then the reaction of our body might be harsh to it. As well as our digestive system might get stressed and have a hard time digesting that type of food.

Important to bear in mind that every single time you let the craving win, do it ONLY with moderation! And make sure that the other 80 or 90 % , you stick to healthy eating.

Meaning; no refined, processed foods. No preservatives, food coloring, or other added chemicals, flavors, and impossible to pronounce additives, junk food is on your menu. Instead: fresh, organic, whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, grass-fed beef, organic, cage-free eggs, etc.!

Thus, don’t buy 10 cupcakes and eat them in 20 minutes. (and feel guilty afterward btw)

Buy 1 or 2 and enjoy! But after you had your mouth orgasm, and food heaven moment, don’t forget to go back to your clean eating and don’t cheat for a while. Let it be 2 weeks, a month, leave a little time for your system to flush and clean out after the “bad” food you consumed.

You will feel it how your body reacts to what foods and you can figure it out which way of eating is the best for you.

As long as you eat like this, a binge once in a while will cause no harm in your system.

IN MODERATION is the key word! 😉

So, as for me, after having an amazing time with those cupcakes, the following day I fasted for 16 hours with Bulletproof coffee, drank a lot of water, and headed to the gym!

Did you cheat with something this week? By the way, I don’t like the word “cheating” let’s call it pleasure food from now on! Sounds much better, without a negative, guilty emotion attached to it!

Have a great day,




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