I went to watch this new Ryan Reynolds movie with my boyfriend recently, and WOW, this movie turned out pretty amazing!

In this post, I am gonna tell you how I got a huge realization from the movie Deadpool.

Even though I am not a big fan of Marvell comic movies, where the superhero saves the world, surprisingly, I had no negative expectations for this movie as it seemed kinda good based on the trailer.

I gotta be honest with you guys; I loved it! It turned out to be pretty amusing! It was funny, exciting and it kept me interested the whole time! (I was even nervous for the good guys hoping for them to survive in it, but shhh. 🙂

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Well, around the end of the movie I had a HUUUUGE realization.(Bit of a spoiler alert is on the way)

So in the movie, it turns out that Ryan Reynolds has cancer and he has not much time left to live on this planet. This part already made me consider my situation and life in generally speaking. Life is freaking SHORT.
Recently, since I have this thyroid issue, I tend to over analyze myself and my health a lot more than before and topics like cancer, and how long will you live, are sensitive subjects for me.

I didn’t mention it yet, but not so long ago I kept having chest pains, and I felt it stabbing through and around my heart, I felt rhythmical defects as well, so I went to cardiologists to get it checked, and it turned out that I have a cardiac inadequacy. And a shunt (a hole) between the atriums..(what does it influence? It means that one of my heart valves doesn’t close properly, so sometimes the blood flows backward. Plus, because of the shunt, I need to take antibiotics before any surgery or anything that might cause bleeding (such as a bigger dentist treatment) because bacterias could make their way into my heart and that could cause some real trouble.

Other than that, I don’t really have to deal with it, I just feel it sometimes, and it requires annual check-ups, but that’s all, she said it is common amongst tall and skinny women. (Great..)

Since my heart condition was newly discovered, while watching the movie it made me easy to think about my disease, when the main character’s cancer was brought up. Apparently, by thinking about it, I started to feel it.(Well you know, your brain is pretty much linked to all of your organs, so if you think about something and give energy to it, your body tends to react to it easily. (somehow it works better with the bad stuff…)

So I started to feel my heart, the stabbing pain, and the numb feeling in my arms when I was making a funny laugh noise. I was trying to not worry about it and get my attention back to the movie.


All of a sudden, the waves of emotions came over me, and I started to cry.(I need to add, that there was an emotional scene in the movie which helped me:P

Then the big moment of my realization has hit me…

It might sound cliche, but it is true: 

YOLO =You only live once

You only get to live one life (for now, let’s not get involved in parallel lives and stuff) and you only live one only once as well (only if you knew how to time-travel, but let me know too if you do.;)) 

So, the point is, you better not waste it on complaining, being depressed, having arguments with your loved ones and let in other kinds of negative distractions to your life, which will not move you forward in life.

Instead, spend time doing stuff that makes you more passionate and alive.

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You cannot predict when your last day will come; you cannot tell for sure whether you’re gonna get cancer, or a car will hit you.

The only thing you know that you are alive now and you should take every chance to make the best of your life every day!

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You should improve yourself in every way, take care of your body, nurture it, exercise, meditate, do yoga, dance, go running, go hang out with your friends. Do all the things you feel like will make your life more colorful and exciting! 

Don’t just sit at home, or sleep in at weekends; you will have enough time for that when you are old, or after you have died 😉 (not trying to act like your mean mother who doesn’t let you sleep, but just think about how many things you miss if you sleep for 9 hours every night, 7-8 should be more than enough)

Make plans, goals, figure out, what you truly want from life and what you want to achieve and experience.

As a good start if you haven’t made one good plan yet, go and make a dream/vision wall, create your goals, make a bucket list, and go for the things you have always dreamed of!

I can highly recommend these helpful pages:

http://www.wakeuplist.com/ -This is a free bucket list making tool, which also reminds you to update your tasks on the list.

https://dreamitalive.com/ This one is an awesome board maker, and it is all free!Even Oprah and Steve Harvey uses it! Highly recommended! 🙂

You can also find really great ideas on Pinterest:


All right guys, I hope you have a lovely time reading my experience and realization by watching the Deadpool movie, I wish you big ones too!



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